J-MH-70-SE MH 70W
J-MH-150-SE MH 150W
J-MH-250-SE MH 250W
J-MH-400-SE MH 400W
J-MH-70-DE MH 70W
J-MH-150-DE MH 150W
Metal Halide lamps are available in two type – Single Ended (SE) and Double Ended (DE)   Single ended metal halide lamps are available in both ovoid and clear tubular shaped outer bulbs and these lamps require ballasts and ignitor. Single ended metal halide lamps are the popular choice for sports lighting, flood lighting of buildings and monuments, modern street lighting, area lighting eg. Building sites, petrol stations, gas stations etc.   Double ended metal halide lamps are used both indoors and outdoors. In indoor applications, its used for accent lighting, general lighting in downlighters, uplighters, wall-washers eg. in malls and shops etc. In outdoor applications, used in floodlighting monuments, facades etc.
Product Base Wattage (W) Nom. Lumens Max. Length (mm)
MHL 70 W SE Tubular E-27 70 5600 145
MHL 150 W SE Tubular E-27 150 13500 145
MHL 150 W SE Elliptical E-27 150 11500 145
MHL 150 W SE Tubular E-40 150 13500 211
MHL 150 W SE Elliptical E-40 150 11500 211
MHL 250 W SE Tubular E-40 250 20000 225
MHL 250 W SE Elliptical E-40 250 19000 227
MHL 400 W SE Tubular E-40 400 35000 292
MHL 70 W DE Rx7s 70 5200 117.6
MHL 150 W DE Rx7s 150 11000 135.4
Note: The actual product may differ from the picture given above