Jain Industrial Lighting Corporation has been in the Electrical Lighting Industry since 1976. From a small start, today we are among the leading manufacturer of Electrical Lighting Fitting, Chokes, Fans, CFL Lamps & other electronic products catering to the needs of Government organizations, Defence Formations(MES), Banks, Airlines, Central PWD, Electricity Boards Municipal Corporation, Dept. of Tele-communication (BSNL) etc. Started under the entrepreneurship of a young technocrat, today it boasts of a multicrore turnover. Decade of experience and application of latest technologies are reflected in the product development for the most severe Indian Power Conditions. We manufacture the Luminaries of Indoor and Outdoor Applications suitable for use with GLS Lamps, Compact Flourescent Lamps, Halogens, HPSV, HPMV, Metal halides and other special purpose lamps as per the requirements of the valued customers. Read More